Have you ever stopped to think about why you choose to wear what you do? At The Awaken Wave, we believe that your clothing should tell a story. Your story. It’s why we offer the boldest designs and why our apparel is more than just graphics on fabrics – It’s statement wear. It’s the point where individuality and apparel intersect to become a powerful vehicle of self expression. We hope – actually, we insist – that when you put on an Awaken Wave shirt, you’ll embrace your originality and unapologetically demonstrate your true character.

Our company defined itself as an eco-friendly apparel manufacturer from the moment we began. It was then that we made the very important decision to put the environment first as a foundation of our production process. We have eliminated a wealth of plastic waste by choosing new age direct-to-garment printing technology which uses water-soluble and eco-friendly ink. Then it’s cured with a high efficiency heat treatment process to ensure it’s color-fastness and lasting durability. We’ve chosen to ship our products in only recycled poly-bags and continue to strive for making a difference wherever we can.

It’s going to take more than one person to save the planet, but it’s going to take every single person to get the job done. Recycling and reusing materials isn’t for tree huggers and hippies-it’s for everyone. We hope to inspire more people to come to this realization and help make a true difference in the rally to save the planet.

The Awaken Wave offers a great array of products, but we’re about more than that. We aim to awaken your mind and soul and help you make a difference. A part of every purchase you make here goes to non-profits working in areas like clean earth and wildlife.

Every person is unique, including you, yet sometimes, it’s so hard to break away from the crowd. The Awaken Wave doesn’t want you to step away from the crowd; instead, we want you to show your individuality to everyone in the crowd and inspire them to also make a difference.

Lastly, without having our talented artist partners from around the world, we would not be The Awaken Wave. Well, maybe we would, but we wouldn’t be nearly as cool.

The artists who create the incredible designs on our statement wear impress us, humble us, elevate us and challenge us. Their artistic visions are at the core of who we are and what we do. Finally, we wouldn’t be The Awaken Wave without our dedicated group o fans who share our passions and live our spirit. The #AwakenTribe community inspires us to dig in deeper, stay firm in our commitments and continue to push the envelope in the world of fashion and design. We thank you for being you

So, If you’re tired of all the cliche eco catchphrases out there today, we feel you. We invite you to join our community, express yourself, and really make an impact today!

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