Are We Careless at Co-Existing?

Effects of human operations on aquatic community (Using the world’s second largest reef as a case study)

The Awaken Wave community came up with this article to enlighten the world populace on the effects of human activities on the marine community in general. The world’s second largest relief will be used as the case study for this discussion. The Belize government has passed a bill for the suspension of seismic activities after many demonstrations were held by a large percentage of its citizens. An avenue for offshore drilling was created, and a showcase of the fact that the people’s opinion prevailed was made public. The whole essence of this story is to portray the effects of some human operation on the general aquatic community. The story went as discussed below according to the report that came to the Awaken Wave community.

The factors responsible for the collapse of the world’s second largest reef

The collapse of the world second largest reef was announced, and the reason for its death is a function of oil activities such as explorations and drilling as the case may be. This led to so many negative responses of the citizens within the country. A perfect scenario was a strike that was held by the teacher’s association which call for the reduction of corruption on the part of the government. The teachers on their part reported that the government and some of its officials have engaged in some unnecessary corruption practices that have endangered the lives on the world’s second largest reef and this has further placed a great threat to the survival of the entire aquatic community.


Oil exploration and its effects on the Belize economy

When oil industries continually invade the privacy of the aquatic communities in an uncontrolled manner, the water bodies are grossly polluted, and the safety of the aquatic organisms are put in danger.

Belize is known for its biodiversity and high level of glamour. The country is wonderful hence it attracts ecotourism. Its water bodies have faced a series of challenges from oil companies around it. The activities of these companies have depleted the aquatic community. It has also reduced the rate at which people catch fish in the nation. This has further led to a decrease in the earnings of the fish farmers in the country.

The country has suffered much harm from the activities of these oil companies, and this is as a result of the negligence of the government agencies. Aside from the effects of the activities of the oil companies, other factors are also responsible for the depletion of the aquatic species. One of this is the plastic materials. The plastic materials have a great affinity for so many toxic substances that are poisonous to the livelihood of the aquatic animals.  These materials go as far as causing blockage in the intestinal tracts of the marine animals.

Ariel view of coastline

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Carelessness of the Human populace

Human activities such as excessive fishing and situations where careless fishers forget their equipment after the fishing activity are also responsible for the depletion of the aquatic ecosystems. These marine animals may also get entangled with this equipment such as the gears and the nets.

The human population must ensure that they combat the problems facing the aquatic community as they threaten the lives of the fishes and other marine animals. These issues also lead to the pollution of various water bodies around the globe. As known, the plastics can be comfortably collected from the water bodies and recycled. After they are recycled, they will be beneficial to the human population.

Various statistics have been taken, and research has been undertaken, but we are yet to find the perfect solution to this issue. All thanks to the relevant authorities that have put in some efforts to ensure that they combat these challenges to the barest minimum. The Awaken Wave community believe with maximum cooperation from the government, and we will get the point where we can look back and say that we have finally eliminated these challenges facing the aquatic community.

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